About us

“Pinolo” in Italian means “pine nut” and it is one of the most characteristic ingredients of Italian cuisine. We chose this name because it expresses our philosophy, our preference for natural ingredients in our food and setting, and our love for Italian tradition and culture. Let us show you our Italy!

Italian Dining

For us, an Italian meal means happiness,  friends and family, love, and smooth wine around a table filled with unique flavours and imagination. At Pinolo, we take pride in our handmade pasta and pizza, crafted with specialized techniques and carefully selected ingredients. Our goal is to offer you a magical taste journey that transports you straight to Italy. Indulge in our rich menu featuring a delightful selection of organic Italian ingredients and products with protected designation of origin (PDO). From our popular arancini to exquisite main dishes, and culminating with the sweet delight of Calzone al Cioccolato, we invite you to savor the flavors of Italy at their finest.

Done Right

The ultimate experience of Italian cuisine lies in the joy of sharing it, prepared with abundant love in a warm and inviting setting.

At Pinolo, we are proud to offer a truly enchanting dining experience. Our beautifully set tables, adorned in earthy colors, and our friendly staff create a light and welcoming atmosphere, all while maintaining the utmost professionalism and attention to detail to cater to your every need and preference.

In our open view kitchen you can witness the passion and expertise of our chefs as they skilfully open the pizza dough and bake it in our wood-fired oven. Meanwhile, at your table, prepare to be amazed as our flambé tagliolini pasta is finished right before your eyes, within the hollow of a 24-month-aged Parmesan cheese, creating a unique and captivating spectacle.

Embark on a remarkable culinary journey to indulge in a truly authentic Italian dining experience.

Italian Dining Done Right!